Keeping Distractions Down


Webster’s New World Dictionary defines “to communicate” as: “to give and receive information.”

The message which had to be the focus of the billboard, here, was to impart the phone number to those people likely to be interested in the plastic surgery.

Yet, while the billboard is cutesy, a person has to ask, is the graphic overpowering the message?  How many people’s eyes go back to the upper right hand corner of the billboard after their  eyes lock onto the graphic?

In my opinion, the creative department of the high priced ad agency, that did this billboard, got ahead of themselves and lost the communication they were after.


[Next week’s blog will be out on Thurday, September 20.]


  1. Too many words. Too many messages. Outdoor should be limited to seven words with one message and who it’s from. A different visual solution showing a “real” woman before and after with just the phone number and the name of the company would have done it.

  2. Hi Gary,

    I thought the image was amusing, however, maybe it is the darkness of the photo, but, I didn’t even notice the information on the top of the billboard.
    It gave me a smile – that was about all.

    BTW, check your spelling – “next Thursday”

  3. I agree with you Gary!