About Marketing Solutions Group (MSG)

M.S.G. provides cost-effective access to cable television advertising for small to medium-sized businesses by creating custom-produced TV ads.

The reach and frequency of the MSG “time buy” for economical TV advertising is unprecedented for the budgets represented. M.S.G. prides itself on closer and more-tailored scripting for business needs and targets than other commercial producers to create effective ads on TV. When combined with marketing, advertising and public relations experience and considerations, “laser-honed” messages are communicated to the public for the advertisers.

In business since 2002, MSG has done literally hundreds of commercials, both for TV advertisements and other types of video advertising.

Gary Bosley, President & CEO of Marketing Solutions GroupGary O. Bosley, President & CEO

He is a business newspaper publisher, editor, and writer. In addition he has been a financial television personality (longest running broker in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time, KEMO and KCSM) and a creator of cable television leading edge commercials (Time Warner in Los Angeles). A speaker twice at the national level of competition in Toastmasters (Kansas City and Seattle), he was the founder (1998), and M.C. for four years, of the “Aerospace Outlook Conference” in South Bay Los Angeles, heart of the U.S. aerospace industry.

An award winning newspaper editor and publisher, Bosley has won the coveted annual statewide Chamber of Commerce newspaper competition in California twice, first from the California Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, and another year from the Western Association of Chamber Executives.

He is the founder and former publisher/CEO of 15 business newspapers, including those for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.