How to Advertise on TV

Communicating with Prospective Customers/Clients/Patrons/Patients


1. Choosing a Comcast zone or other exposure (maps)

Choose the area that shows your TV advertising

a. To consider — budget, demographics, marketing radius

b. Is the new AT&T “zone” relevant?

c. Taking into account DirecTV or The Dish for the SF Bay Area

In the SF Bay Area, consider DirectTV or The Dish.


2. Considerations for Deciding on a budget

a. Consider the most cost-effective way to use your TV advertising budget30 sec. commercial costs for airtime and production

Other options – 20 seconds, 15 seconds, 10 seconds

b. Getting a clear investment strategy > TOMA: 30 seconds to 15 seconds
(TOMA: “Top of Mind Awareness” ~~ on the part of viewers)

 3. The Process of Building a TV commercial


a. Verbiage — How many words to use

b. Scenes — How many scenes vs. the message

 4. Deciding on coverage for the budget: Demographic considerations

a. Networks impact: female, male, age, education, income

Choose the most cost-effective way of targeting your customers or clientsb. Choosing the most economical dayparts

If targeting women, the correct daypart can show 6 times the cost efficiency vs. prime time

c. How to measure impact

Reach and frequency

5. Other considerations

Marketing avenues: reinforcing the investment

a. Using old media in conjunction with TV

Use video to reinforce other advertising campaigns.Direct mail (postcards), newspapers, bill boards, Valpac, door hangers, etc.

a. Using Social Media/New Media with TV


Facebook, Twitter, etc.