Production Checklist

1. Contract Signing

The items below are steps in the process, and are in the contract.

TV Camera2. Scripting appointment to be made

Scripting session at advertiser’s premises = with one decision maker.
30 minutes to 1.5 hours, usually.
Calendarize a filming date.

3. Script is faxed back for approval and signature.

Production from the script = one commercial, one V.O., etc. See the contract’s “Description of services,” regarding extra charges.

4. Discuss options

Talent, site, make-up, lipstick, colorful clothing (bright, not pastel) , and flowers/bouquets, etc.

[Females’ clothing options/changes – colors]

[No “talent” fees are included in the contracted amount.]

5. Music type / tempo / mood; color aversion

6. Filming is done

Confirm cancellation fee policy.

[Tell employees about filming, days ahead of time]

7. Commercial on DVD [YouTube?] is brought to advertiser for approval.

[One set of changes may be made, cost free.]

8. “Acceptance” fee is due and payable.

[If applicable.]