Dante Paulazzo

Dante Paulazzo, M Service Testimonial

“M service, Inc.” has been with Marketing Solutions Group for about three years now, with great success and always continued good customer service from their staff.

We recently thought we had run our commercial long enough and were going to stop for a while, but when polling our new and existing customers we found the commercial a vital part of our marketing and have decided to continue running it. Thanks “Marketing Solution Group”!

Dante Paulazzo M Service, Inc.

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Melanie Sedak, Owner

Testimonial for MSG

We thought a TV commercial was out of reach, but Marketing Solutions made it possible. The commercials run during the day, on very popular cable channels and reach a diverse group of potential customers. We use numerous different avenues for advertising, but a majority of our customer feedback comes from the commercials.

Melanie Sedak, Owner Murphy's Paw, Pleasanton

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Andrew Glazier

While it was a big step for me to advertise on television, the response is paying for itself already. Our web traffic has doubled and spikes right after each broadcast of our commercial. It is exciting to see the number of people on our website jump after each airing. Not only do we get more ads, I get recognized on the street as ‘The Wine Guy’.

Many of the people I want to interview are more responsive, as they have seen me on television and they know I’m serious about my business. People who advertise with me report people mentioning the commercial. Alice and Gary at The Marketing Solutions Group helped me reach clients in San Francisco who didn’t surf the internet. I am grateful for the speedy production and expert editing, which got my message across in thirty seconds.

Andrew Glazier Back Roads Wine

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